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Book Review: The Witch in Every Woman  
03:19pm 10/06/2012
Snow Tigra

From the back:
All women possess the primal courage and strength of the Witch. In this breakthrough, life-altering new book, Laurie Cabot brings more then forty years of experience as a spiritual counselor and practicing Witch to cultivate and celebrate the secret, magical side of every woman's nature. Unfolding the wit and wisdom of ancient Celtic takes, as well as many stories of her own making, Laurie shows you how ancient truths can empower you during many of life's dark moments and lead you on a path of success and personal fulfillment. Through story, ritual activity, and spiritual communion, you will learn how to use your instinctual nature to achieve your goals and feel energized, strong and capable in your daily life.

I picked this book up from the used section at Barnes and Noble to read on our trip to L.A. It's been a while since I've picked up a book on witchcraft and I've kinda been missing it and this one looked interesting.

That said, this book take a little getting used to. While it is a great guide for how differently a witch might see and interpret the world then 'normal' or non Witchcraft practicing people, it does come off as being a bit combative at times. This book is expressly aimed at women and very harsh on how male dominated the world has become. While I would tend to agree, there were parts in the book where the author made it overly clear and it was actually a bit uncomfortable to read.

That small complaint aside, this book gives a great overview of a woman's life and how witchcraft melds in well, even in our modern world. The part I especially loved was the old stories at the end of each chapter used to demonstrate what the chapter was speaking about. These small stories make it easier to remember the lessons in each chapter and sum up the knowledge given quite well.

I would not recommend this book to a beginner, nor would I really recommend it to someone who doesn't practice witchcraft already. Instead it seems best suited to someone who has practiced for more then a few years and would like to take a step back and reexamine how the craft has fit into their own lives. As that's where I'm standing right now, it worked quite well.

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