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Anime Series Things!  
08:54am 08/04/2012
Snow Tigra
This entry contains spoilers!

Ending of Loki Ragnarok

I started this series back in college and now I've finally got around to finishing it.... and I'm disappointed. When you have a slice of life series with gods thrown in and they occasionlly have magical battles, the last thing you expect is an ending without a battle. Loki spent the entire series complaining about what Odin did to him (throw him into the human world) and in the end you see no sign of Odin. Odin and Loki don't fight. There isn't even an anime version of Ragnarok like the title suggests. Instead we have a final series climax made up of Loki's daughter Hel wangsting about how she was left alone and then Loki deciding to stay in the human world because he has friends there.

I feel ripped off. I feel like the series just gave up at the end. I would have rather had Mayura turn out to be Hel in another form and in the end she finds out she doesn't hate her father, then all of them join together to basically kick Odin's ass and say we're gonna stay in the human world, but you're an asshole so we're gonna kick your ass anyway. That's the ending I was expecting and instead we get this.... I feel ripped off and cheated.

I want another season of the show but I know it doesn't exist. Huh. Maybe the ending of the manga is different.... or something.

After watching part of episode 3 I have decided to drop this series. The voice acting is so undermotivated that it takes away from the entire show. So I'm done now.

Guilty Crown eps 17-18

I am so emotionally invested in this series, that I'm scared to watch the ending. I don't see it ending happily in any way what so ever and I know that the last episodes are posted now but I am having a hard time making myself watch them. The odd thing is that if you asked, I'm not even sure I could tell you why I'm so wrapped up in this series. Some how in my mostly being apathetic to it, it's made me care about the characters and what happens to them, even if I could probably guess that it's gonna be a major blow up and wangst fest like the ending of Evangelion, and yet somehow I still find myself biting my nails as each minute draws closer to the end.

I can already tell I'm going to hate the ending of this series. I want it to have a good ending, but the way things are ramping up, either everyone is going to die or we're going to get an ending like the first Full Metal Alchemist which I swear killed me! The lack of closure was so incredibly painful and I really didn't want to be invested in a series like that again, but I think it happened. So I'm watching this to the ending slowly, but I'll get there.

What is really nice about these two episodes is that you discover that Shu still is the nice kid you fell for in the beginning of the series. Once his powers are stipped away, his eyes are opened and he realizes that his world is still shit and he needs to clean up his act and fix it, or he's going to lose more people. So there's some hope..... right?


Ending of Persona 4

Ahhh!!! *fangirlish squee of delight*

I don't have too much to say here, other then squee squee squee! I'm sad this series is over, as it turned out to be everything I'd hoped it would be and more. This isn't really the ending because there's a true ending episode coming out with the DVDs in August, but that's soooo far away......

But yes, this is an amazing series. I love all the characters and the ending with Adachi and death was handled so well. I can't wait until August and I can't wait to see more things Persona 4 related... like the fighting game, like the live action show, like the final episode and just everything.

Yep, no real content here, I'm going to go back to fangirling like a maniac and say WATCH THIS SERIES. It doesn't matter if you've played the game, the series is really frickin good!

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