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Soul Eater!  
10:57am 18/04/2012
Snow Tigra

I was hesitant stepping into another LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG shounen series after the trainwreck that is Naruto. But this series caught me right in the first episode and I'm hopelessly hooked, already on episode 12.

It's the story of Maka and a couple other students who are all tracking down souls of keisan so their weapons/partners can level up into death scythes for Lord Death.

The coolest thing about this series is the weapons. Each Meister (the students) has a partner who transforms into the weapons they use during battle. But this gives them personalities so you're as attached to the weapons as you are the students. I love this concept and it doesn't disappoint!

The character design is simple, but it's one of the awesome anime where they use that extra animation space and budget to make everyone else shine. I truely care about each of the characters and like the beginning of Naruto they take the time to flesh them all out so you know about each of them and then, when stuff happens, it matters.

The fight scenes are impressive too. With great animation that fits the style and the music in the background during the fight scenes reminds me of Persona 4, making me love it so so so so much more.

My favorite character has to be Death the Kid, but honestly I love them all so far. This is what I wanted Naruto to stay like and I really hope that as I get farther in this series that it doesn't fall off a cliff like Naruto did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... and on to episode 13.

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