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Anime Review: Kids on the Slope 1-3  
08:11am 03/06/2012
Snow Tigra
Oops, haven't posted for a while. Thought I'd throw one of these up here before we take off to E3 on Monday!!

Kids on the Slope Pictures, Images and Photos

Karou Nishimi is a normal kid who tends to get nausiated whenever something goes off kilter in his life. He's used to going to the roof for a breather, but that doesn't appear to be happening at this school where there's a set of upper classmen who claim the roof as their own. But a chance (and subtext filled) encounter with the school thug may change things.

It turns out the school thug, Sentaro, is into jazz and he plays the drums. Karou plays the piano and together, the two fall into playing jazz together and form a friendship with each other and Sentaro's childhood friend, whose father owns a record shop with a basement they can practise in.

The series is a pretty standard slice of life series, and good at it. Made by the guy who's responsible for Cowboy Bebop, it centers on the music and the people who make it, with absolutely stunning animation while they're playing. Even if you're not a fan of jazz (which I'm really not) it's very easy to fall in love with this simple series and the three dimensional characters as you follow their lives.

It must be summer, because I'm actually enjoying this series. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I always tend to gravitate toward a slice of life series like this in the summer. In the past it's been Maria-sama, Boys Be and His and Her Circumstances, so I suppose this anime fits right in. It's not my normal fare of supernatural or tournament style anime, but it's still really good. I'd say give it a shot and I really hope that Hulu posts more episodes soon ^_^

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