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Blue Exorcist Review: Eps 1-3  
04:10pm 16/06/2012
Snow Tigra

Rin is the typical misunderstood thug who tries to do the right thing, but the people around him only seem to see the fights and destruction that his bad luck causes. This is componded by the fact that his twin brother, Yukio, seems to be the golden child who finished school and is heading off to study to become a doctor with no fights or issues under his belt.

But after a few more unlucky circumstances, Rin starts seeing things that can't possibly be real. A flying impish beachball with a monkey face? Little dust particles with faces? Something is definitely out of place.

Turns out that Rin is actually part demon. But not just any demon... he's the son of Satan and in spite of the priest's attempt to protect him, and now he knows the truth.

My thoughts:

Having studied world religions in college, it tickles me to no end whenever anime/movies and other media take bits and pieces from other religions and mold them to fit their own styles. It makes for interesting stories, characters and new view points that you would have never considered because you're so used to it being one way.

That said I like this series!

I like their protrayl of the demons and how only certain people can see them, but the rest of the world walks around oblivious. I like their protrayl of demons and Satan as a chaotic almost comical characters as in a world of control, they have none.

I will be adding this to my queue to watch ^_^

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