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Lots of catching up to do....  
07:56am 08/07/2012
Snow Tigra
I haven't been keeping this up lately and I feel a bit bad, so time to catch up on things. Because I've been watching a lot of anime lately.

Guilty Crown - Ending

I finally steeled myself and watched the end of this anime. From the beginning it has been such a huge emotional roller coaster, it was really hard to watch more then one episode at a time, but when I stopped I had this ache and need to watch more. After the first season a lot happens and it would take me forever to explain. But in the simplest terms, this is one of the best - I think - Anime depictions of what a person would go through in a war. The whole journey of the main character is just heart breaking.

I would be tempted to say that this is the Evangelion of our generation, more because of the journey. I don't see it becoming as epic as Eva is to a lot of people, but the parallels in the stories can't be ignored and the ending of this series isn't full of crack, it feels real. I'm tempted to say I'm not happy with the ending, but it's so realistic, that I know it's just because the ending hurts.

And damnit Guy! How the hell did you manage to redeem yourself?! I was all resigned to hate you for all you did but in the end you got me back. How the hell?!

In conclusion... watch this series. It's not only an amazing story, but the art and the music weave it together into a stunning image. It's not earth shattering like some of the anime I've seen, but it's still really really good, all things and heart ache considered.

Kids on the Slope...
Yep, still hooked. Still watching and on episode 8 now...

No. 6, Episodes 1-7

Shion is a brilliant student who just happens to, one night, help a fugitive about his same age. Several years in the future Shion runs into the same fugitive, Nizumi, as he discovers a parasytic bee that appears to be infecting people in his futuristic utopian city and sucking the life and youth right out of them.

This series, which I started watching thanks to a music video I found, is really really good. I'm sad to find out that it's only 11 episodes long and the only reason I haven't watched it all yet is because two of the episodes aren't listed on hulu and I have to find time to watch them on Crunchyroll instead. (Read: I have a crappy computer). But this series is really good at illustrating the two very different characters that are drawn together by circumstances. The underlying plot of the city, No. 6, and the bees is interesting, but the central part of the story is the two characters and how their personalities are reflections of the worlds they come from. I can't wait to see how this anime ties it all together in the end and really need to watch more of this now!

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